Friday, 31 July 2015

Five Things To Do In The Summer Holidays

Even though the summer holidays is time to relax, it can often get quite boring if you're stuck in the house all day. So I have created a list of five things that you can do to keep you occupied.

1. Start a blog
 You could write a blog about anything you like. (preferably something that you like to write about) It is a great way to pass the time and express your love for what you enjoy.

 2. Bake something
   I love baking and I love to see the results of a cake when I take it out of the oven. If you have never tried baking there are plenty of recipes everywhere and I would recommend simple, but yummy, cupcakes. My favourite cake to bake at the moment is a Victoria Sponge as they're so easy to make but they are absolutely delicious!

3. Read a book series
 I used to absolutely love reading when I was in year six and you would always fine a book in my hand, but now, I find much more difficult to actually sit down and read so I am making it my aim to read at least five books.

4. Go for a walk with your friends
 This idea is so easy to do. All you need to do is ask your friends if they want to go out for a walk and its a great time to pass the time and to just have a good chat.

5. Decorate your room
 Now I'm not saying completely tear your room apart and get a ton of new furniture but what you can do it decorate it with simple things. One thing I did was get a few photos printed of me and my friends and stuck them on the side of my wardrobe. I found it did actually make a difference to my room and brings back the memories of when that photo was taken.
I hope that this post has given you a few ideas of what you can do and I know there is so much more to do out there, but these are just simple ideas of what you can do in your own home. I hope that you enjoyed this and comment below what you thought.
~ Lauren xoxo

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