Thursday, 1 January 2015

what is in my bag ~ winter 2015

so today I have decided to write about what is in my bag because I think it is just a nice way to start the year!
 My bag is from Dorothy Perkins and my nan got it me as a Christmas present so I can't tell you how much it was, but it is the perfect size for me as I don't really carry that much around with me!

The first item that I have in my bag is obviously an essential, my phone! I am still yet to upgrade and I own the iPhone 4 which I got over a year ago and the contract lasts another year if I am correct, but it is still my trustworthy phone, haha!
( My phone case is from Primark for, if I remember, £1)

 The next thing I have in my bag is my second essential, my purse, this purse is from a shop called Aspire and I just thought that it was super cute! (although it matches my bag in no way whatsoever!)

Next I keep my favourite lipstick or lip balm at that moment and my current favourite is, MAC's lustre lipstick in Syrup.

I also keep a miniature sample of a perfume (currently Laugh With Me LeeLee by Benefit) as it is so quick and easy and saves you having to carry around more than you would really like to.

I like to keep a few makeup items in my purse as a top up and I carry a miniature of Benefit's They're real mascara, I keep a powder (currently one from Lancôme) and the wake me up concealer by rimmel in the lightest shade.

finally I just keep a couple of hair bobbles/bands and some hair grips/bobby pins!

so yeah! I hope that you enjoyed this blogpost and it is a nice start to the year and one of my new years resolutions is actually to start writing on my blog more because I forgot about it for a bit but since I got my laptop it is way easier to type and write these posts for you! The only thing that I need help with are ideas for blogposts so if you have any ideas that can help me please leave them below in the comments!
 So yeah, thank you for reading this and I hope that you all have a great day!

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