Sunday, 11 January 2015

My Pamper Evening Routine And Essentials (Collab)

hello everyone!

So today I am doing a pamper evening routine and essentials and this is a collab with basically my best friend I have met through blogging and through Instagram, Anna, also know as @_thewondersofme on Instagram! I will also link her blog down below so make sure you check it out after reading this and make sure you follow her!
 So, onto the post!

The first thing I will do is run a nice hot bath and whilst that is running I will go and grab everything I need. I will also go and grab any bath bombs and bubble bars/baths which I would like to use and today I have chosen the bath bomb, Butter Bear and the bubble bar, which is shaped like a hedgehog (I forgot the name...) both by lush.

   I will also grab my phone, a book or magazine (my favourite is Company) and a glass of cold water just because I don't know, I find it boring just sitting there hah.  I will also quickly wash my face using the Neutrogena cream wash and remove my makeup using my Simple make up  then put on a facemask which I will wear for about 10-20 minutes.

Now when I'm in the bath I will relax and then when I'm starting to become bored I will wash my body and today I used the Glazed Apple shower gel and the Glazed Apple body scrub, both from The Body Shop.

Once I am out of the bath I will remove my face mask and I will grab a body butter to moisturise my body and the one I am using today is the Glazed Apple body butter by The Body Shop. I will then get into my PJ's or onesie and go downstairs to make myself a cup of tea!
 After that I will make my way back upstairs and I will light all of my candles to make the room cosy and to really set the mood. Then I like to paint my nails for the weekend whilst watching of course Harry Potter because who doesn't love Harry Potter!? Then whilst I wait for my nails to dry I will check my phone and laptop. I will do things like write a blog post, watch YouTube videos check Instagram (linked below *hint hint* hah) take ugly selfies on snapchat...
 After that I will probably just fall asleep and feel all cosy and warm!

But yeah!
 I really hope you enjoyed this blog post and you now feel the need to watch Harry Potter! make sure you follow Anna, she is one of the kindest people like EVER! But yeah, I hope you have a great day!

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  1. Loved this post so much, and omg Harry potter>>>> ly xx

  2. Really cute post! Xx