Sunday, 4 January 2015

How I Wash My Makeup Brushes

Hello everyone!
 So today I am going to do a blog post on how I wash my makeup brushes since a lot of people have asked how I do it on my instagram account so I thought I might as well break it down to how I wash my brushes!

     What you will need :

- Makeup brushes
- A brushes cleanser or baby shampoo etc...
- Water
- A towel
- wipes or paper towels

Step 1:

The first thing I usually do whilst cleaning my brushes is I take my brush cleanser (or whatever you are using) and the one which I am using is one by no7 which I think costs £8 but I just take two to three pumps of it onto a wipe or paper towels.

Step 2:
Next you will want to take your brush and use circular motions brushing it along the wipe and brush cleanser and you should see all of that yucky product coming off of your brush!

Step 3:

Now I will usually take my brush and place the hairs ONLY into the water (if any water gets into the inside or funnel of the brush it will wear away the glue and cause you brush to malt and loose hairs) and I will just make sure that any other product, whether that being the brush cleanser or makeup and make sure the brush is completely clean.

Step 4:

I now like to squeeze any excess water from the brush and I like to place the brushes onto a towel and by folding half the towel and placing the brushes as tilted down as you can  ( never leave your brushes to dry standing upwards as the water will wear away the glue.) and now I like to leave my brushes to completely dry over night to make sure they are fully dry!

Now your brushes should be all nice and clean and are as good as new! I like to try and do this around every 12 days but I sometimes leave it longer. cleaning your brushes enables you to get precise results and it will make sure that no bacteria can build up in your brush!

So I hope this helped any of you and you can now have lovely clean brushes and amazing makeup results!
 Thank you for reading this and make sure that you look out for my next blog post!

products used:

Real Techniques Stippling Brush:
Brush Cleanser:

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  2. I always like it when I'm using perfectly clean or new brushes ☺️It just looks so much better and more precise