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My Top ten Under 10 ~ Lip Products.

Hello everyone!
 So today I have decided to write about my top ten lip products and some are lip balms, some are lip glosses and some are lip sticks. Also it was extremely hard to choose only ten products so these are in no particular order because that would have been horrendously hard for me! So onto the post!

1. The first product I have chosen is the lipsticks by Rimmel. I have three shades which are the classic dark red, 107, 110 and 16. I love these lipsticks so much they are so pigmented and they last for ages, I rarely need to top up throughout the day!

2. The next lip products I have chosen are the lip glosses by Tanya Burr. I have been watching Tanya for almost two years now and when she bought out her makeup line in was so proud of her! Although I don't only like these lipsticks because they are by Tanya, I love them because they are such beautiful shades which are so moisturising and pigmented and some people may think they are a bit overpriced being £7 but I think they are worth all the money because the formula is just amazing. I am also thinking about buying the shade Finding Nemo for the summer because its the perfect shade!

3. So onto a lip balm I of course had to choose EOS because they are just the best thing ever! I bought mine from Topshop and I had never seen them before so I was extremely happy when I saw it! I do however only have one and that's because I think they're slightly overpriced than what they should be but as a product they are the most moisturising lip balms and they have basically saved my lips from being dry and chapped!

4. Next I have decided to include the Revlon Balm Stains which I have talked about way more than I should but I am absolutely in love with them! I mainly use them on the days where I am feeling really lazy or I don't feel like topping up my lip products every couple of hours because as it says in the name it is a balm stain. The wide range of colours is a bonus too as there is a colour for everyone whether you like orange colours, pink or nudes there with be something or other out there for you!

5. Now I couldn't possibly go without the Baby Lips could I? I have been in love with these since they first were released in the UK and now that the Doctor Rescue collection has came out (which is probably my favourite collection) I have loved them more than every and I need the rest of the collection! They are just so moisturising yet so affordable and I think the normal collection each one is something like £2 which is great for beginners!

6. I have chosen to write about the Revlon Lip Butters because oh my life I am practically in love with them! I have two in my collection, strawberry shortcake and juicy papaya, and I am in love with them! They are so moisturising and the colours are so pretty!

7. So leading on from lip butters, I couldn't possibly miss out the Nivea lip butters? I have three currently and I need the whole collection! I absolutely adore the packaging of these and the scents are divine! I can't go one day without having at least one I my bag or coat pocket and the are a huge staple in my collection!

8. So I don't know if The Body Shop counts as a drugstore but I have to include the Born Lippy Lip Balms because they're only £2 each and just I can't even explain how much I love them! I much prefer them for in the summer as they're lightweight the colours are just perfect for summer and not to mention the taste amazing!

9. Next I have decided to write about the Barry M Core Balmy lip products, I personally love these and I really don't think that they get enough attention! They smell amazing, they are literally unbelievably pigmented and they're super pigmented! I really recommend these because they are just perfect!

10. Last but not least I have decided to include the Maybeline Colour Drama Lipsticks I am in love with these and I saw them floating around the internet and thought I would pick on up! They are brilliant, they're everything you would look for in a lipstick and they're so long lasting!

So yeah, thank you all for reading and I really hope you enjoyed this little blog post! And you are inspired to pick up some more lip products! Also as a quick note I want to take in some of your ideas of what you want me to talk about so make sure that you comment below some posts you would like to see!

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