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January Favourites.

Hey everyone,
 So today I am going to be doing my January Favourites! Throughout the month I have been thinking about the kinds of products which I have been loving so I have taken all of my favourites and split them into categories!


This month I have really been loving the Naked 3 palette by Urban Decay. I had been wanting this palette for ages now and I actually received it for Christmas from my mom and dad! The palette comes with twelve stunning colours (some shimmer and some matte) and a double sided brush with one side which is big and fluffy, so it is great for blending and the other is a flat brush which is great for really packing on colour.

My next makeup favourite is my Maybeline colour tattoo in 'On And On Bronze'. This is the kind of colour that you can wear if you're maybe running late or you just want a not quite simple but not a very bold eye colour. You can also wear it just on its own or maybe as a base but I love to just put this on as I find a little goes a long way and I know everyone has been loving these for ages but I personally hadn't tried them and as there was some kind of deal going on at the Maybeline counter/stand I thought I might as well pick one up! All in all it is a great product which I really would recommend to anyone whether you're new to makeup or the most professional makeup artist in the world!

My third and final makeup item is my MAC lipstick in Syrup, it is a dark brown-nude and I love it if I just want to add that tiny bit of colour to your lips. This lipstick is also a lustre finish so it is very buildable and I love wearing this with a pink or rose toned eye shadow. I also really enjoy wearing this lipstick on an everyday basis as it is so easy to have a really bold lip colour or to have a nice subtle colour.


This month the main fashion item I have been loving are my Timberlands! I think they are a great way to spice up an outfit and match with a wide variety of outfits! Once again I got these for Christmas and I have been wearing them ever since! I just think they look really nice for a casual day like going out shopping or for a not so fancy meal with your friends!

I have also been loving a pair of jeans I got from Topshop, they're black with rips in the knees and they go wit anything I want to wear!


My favourite scent of the month is one by The Body Shop and it is in the scent Glazed Apple, this scent is a sweet and sour apple scent and I love to use this of a morning before I go out anywhere! It just really wakes you up and it has a really nice feel to it and I used this loads in my Pamper Evening Essentials And Routine which I will leave linked below along with all of my social media links.

I have also been loving my Victoria Secret body sprays and I own the scents Sensual Blush, Snow Mint and Frosted Apple. They are all just warm and cosy scents and they are all perfect for the winter! I also have two perfumes from the Pink range in Hot Crush and in Sweet And Flirty which I actually picked up in London for just £18 which was an amazing deal because it meant that I was able to pick one more body spray up for just £3 which I thought was an amazing deal!


My film favourite has to be Divergent I am obsessed and I literally can't wait to see Insurgent which comes out in March so I am really excited! I haven't read the book yet but I really want to read the trilogy soon!

Social Media:

My second to last favourite has been a YouTuber who I'm sure most of you know and it is 'In The Frow' AKA Victoria. I don't know why but I have instantly been obsessed with her blogs and videos and she is just perfect so if you would like to follow or subscribe to her I will leave her channel and blog linked below!

Finally after rambling on I have one final favourite which is my blog! I have really enjoyed being able to show you what I have been loving and sharing my thoughts with you and I have jut loved sitting down, giving my blog a new look, writing blog posts and drinking tea! But really I have been absolutely loving it and it has allowed me to become closer to loads of people and we are able to discuss our love for blogs and YouTube!

 I really hoped you enjoyed this blog post and you found this enjoyable to read but yeah I have been doing my blogs for a whole month now and I am pretty proud of myself since I completely forgot about it after a week in October but yeah, I hope that you all have an AMAZING day!

Products Mentioned:

*Naked 3 Palette:
*Maybeline colour tattoo:
*MAC Lipstick ~ Syrup:
*Glazed Apple Scent:
* VS spray ~ Sensual Blush:
*VS spray ~ Snow Mint : No longer sold
*VS spray ~ Frosted Apple : No longer sold
*VS PINK spray ~ Hot Crush:
*VS PINK spray ~ Sweet And Flirty:

*Victoria's Blog :
*Victoria's YouTube Channel:

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