Monday, 2 February 2015

Q&A. (collab)

Hello everybody!
 So today I am doing a collab with the lovely, Katie also known as @pastelprinxessx on Instagram! (links are down below!) We have decided to do a Q&A as its quite different than the usually beauty blog posts, so we went over to Instagram to ask you a few questions and this is what you came up with...

@_thewondersofme_ ~ what's your favourite thing about your blog and Instagram?
 What I love about blogging and being on Instagram is that I have met loads of people through it! I have met loads of people who I can call friends or even some of my best friends because I have been able to talk about what I love with other people who like the same things as me ,and I just love sharing my thoughts about beauty and fashion!

@pxstel_dreams ~ favourite makeup brand?
I think that my favourite makeup brand is either Benefit, Maybeline and Revlon but I have a bunch of products from different brands that I absolutely love so I couldn't possibly choose one favourite!

@x.beauty_obsessed.x ~ whose one celeb you want to meet?
To be honest I would much prefer to meet more YouTubers but for celebrities I absolutely love Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift and of course Tom Felton ;) haha!

@sparklingwithglitter ~ Holy grail makeup products?
I couldn't live without my Collection Lasting Perfection concealer, my Urban Decay naked 3 palette and my They're Real mascara by Benefit.

@pastel_wonderlands ~ If you could be any animal, what would you be and why?
A Unicorn. Just because...

@life_in_pastel_colours ~ If you had to choose any one pastel colour what would it be?
     Pink but if were talking about hair purple ( In the Frow Reference!)

@oral_mary_x ~ Any tips for building pastel photographers?
My tips are don't brighten your pictures to much that its basically drowns it. Sometimes fi you brighten your image too much you can't actually see the image and that can get really annoying for your audience/viewers. Also ALWAYS use natural light it is the best and its better not posting for a while than posting photos with terrible authentic lighting.

@_thewondersofme_ ~ winter or summer fashion?
This is so hard for me because in winter you have the boots, the jumpers and oversized cardigans and huge coats but in summer you get sunglasses, shorts, the colourful nails... but I think if I had to choose I would choose winter!

So I know you all may not have had your questions answered but if you want to ask me some questions look out for my next Q&A on Instagram!
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