Thursday, 19 February 2015

Taking Time For Me.

So today I wanted to cover the topic of taking time for you and looking after yourself both inside and outside. I have come up with a few things which I think will help with stress and just tips for your own benefit. I have thought of five things that I enjoy doing so maybe some of you might enjoy them too!

Pamper yourself.

 Take time to pamper and look after yourself! have a nice bath, grab a cup of tea, watch a few YouTube videos or whatever relaxes you make sure you really block out any stress, any work or anything which may be on your mind lately. (I have done a post recently about having a pamper evening so if you want to see that post in more depth I will link the post below.)

Do something you enjoy.

One thing I love to do is bake, I find it really relaxing and I love making a Victoria sponge or some cute little cupcakes but by doing this it is super easy to take your mind of something whether it has been bothering you or not.

Go for a walk or run.

This one may seem like a lot of effort and you might not want to put in the effort but go outside, grab your head phones and go for a stress-free walk. It will really help clear your mind and it will mean you're out of the house getting some fresh air.

Put on a face mask.

Being stressed can cause your skin to break out which I am sure nobody would want. The resolution of this is take time to put on a really luxurious face mask. Take time out and really focus on your skincare and this can even take your mind off anything which has been bothering you.


This last point is probably the most important, take time to relax. You want to sit down, grab a nice hot cup of tea and do what you love. Personally I love writing a new blog post, read a book and watch my favourite film or programme which is currently Pretty Little Liars.

So I really hope that you enjoyed this post as it was more heart to heart than usual and it is a bit different! But i would just like to say make sure you look after yourself and do whatever is best for you.

Love, Lauren xx

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  1. Super important reminders - I have yet to find a face mask that is hydrating, but doesn't make me break out. Thanks for the sweet advice!

    Pili | Glitter and Gradebooks

    1. Thank you so much! You should really try some face masks from Lush, especially this one! xx

  2. love this<3