Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Balencing My Blog With My Life.

So whether you're a blogger or not you can probably tell that it is hard to upload, write and take pictures for your blog whilst doing the usually life skills like dealing with work school and homework along with your social life of course! Dealing with this can get quite stressful and no I am not a professional blogger or beauty guru but I have put together a few ways in which I like to keep my life organised and to keep everything up to date!
Write a to-do list!
I know that this is one of the easiest things to do in terms of organising your life. I tend to always put school work first as even though I really want to do something involving beauty or fashion when I am older, education is the main thing on my mind right now. Some of you may know that I have recently took my options and I am already starting work on my GCSE's and that means I have plenty of horrible tests to do! So I manage to get them out of the way first. This means once that is out of the way I am free to do whatever  want! I usually head straight to my laptop to write a new blog post as I love to put my thoughts and feelings across to my audience!
Don't feel pressured!
Sometimes it is easy to feel like you need to put up a new blog post for a certain deadline but this can lead to either your blog posts not being the best quality they can be or it can lead to you being stressed of knowing that you need to write this blog post and it has to be perfect and I need to spend all day on one blog post! But you don't need to feel like this whatsoever! It is your blog and you're writing it for your own benefit and your entertainment so there is no need to feel like this at all!
Take Breaks!
You may be one of those people that when they start a blog post, they want to finish it? I know I am but you need to take breaks especially if you want to write a blog post to the best quality it can be! I find taking breaks can really refresh everything and I like to watch a couple of YouTube videos and I take breaks at least every 45 minutes!
So I hope that you enjoyed this blog post! If you want a part to make sure that you let me know and comment what you thought! I really hope that this helped anyone who needed it or you got to look into what blogging is really about and the cons that come with it! I love my blog and I love posts like this whether that is reading or writing them but I hope this helped and check back Thursday for a new blog post!

                                                                Love, Lauren xx

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