Wednesday, 25 February 2015

MAC Mineralize Blush ~ 'Love Thing'

Despite my lipsticks I don't own that much makeup from Mac, I do however own the most gorgeous blush ever! It is in the shade 'Love Thing' and its a dark pink-purple with gold undertones. Usually I would not venture towards this kind of blush but as a gift from my aunt how could I say no? I am absolutely in love with this blush so I thought I would tell you all a bit about it and what I think! I am in no way however, trying to brag or boast in anyway.
First off lets talk a bit about the colour, being a much darker blush than I would usually go for I was a little sceptical about wearing this and if I could actually pull it off. Being my pale self, I was a little worried the colour would be too strong for my skin tone but with a bit of building and blending I was able to see the stunning colour that it is! The blush also has gold undertones and this really helps highlight the skin and give you more of a boost in colour.
Next I wanted to talk about pigmentation, and as being Mac, you can't really go wrong. The blush is super pigmented but not overpowering as is it still buildable. The blush is also really great for blending and I love it for that 'I look like I hopped out in the cold but didn't' look which is why I would however recommend it more for the autumn, winter times.
I absolutely adore this blush but I know, being retailed at £21 it is a little out of others and my own price range. All in all I would really recommend this blush and I always get tons of lovely compliments whenever I wear it!

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  1. The pigmentation looks amazing omg! Loved this post as usual xx