Wednesday, 8 April 2015

My Favourite Apps.

It is no secret that pretty much all of the time I am on my phone or my iPad. I just can't live without them! So I have decided to put together five of my favourite apps and why I love them so much! They are in order because I have noticed what app I always go to first whether that when I have just woken up or when I am just checking up on what I missed!

1. Instagram
   So Instagram is hands down my favourite app of all time! I love seeing other peoples photos and I love uploading my own! I just love getting inspiration from all of you and seeing peoples accounts grow into something amazing! I personally have a themed account called @pxstelwishes and I have reached 2500 followers about ten minutes ago so thank you so much! I am now on 2506 followers now and I couldn't have done it without all of you beautiful people!
2. Twitter
   With Twitter I tend to stalk the lives of everyone whether that's you reading this or my favourite celebrities! There is nothing I like more than continuously refreshing my feed and seeing what all of you have been getting up to! I have one personal account on twitter which is @laurenmurphyxox and a themed which is @nowayitszoella which I am on 24-7 so you should totally come and say hi!
3. YouTube
  I realise that this is probably more used than twitter but I just love YouTube so much and it is a place that I love to go when I am sad! I do not have my own channel but I am thinking of making one so I will leave the link below if you want to subscribe anyway and I will probably start uploading closer to the summer times!
4. Netflix
  Okay Netflix is my life and we are madly in love. I am not ashamed I spend most of my time on Netflix especially watching Pretty Little Liars and Once Upon A Time! What more could anyone want than movies and TV shows which you could watch over and over again! However you do have to sacrifice you social life and a lot of time because trust me, when you are hooked on a series, there is no going back!
5. Snapchat
  Finally I had to mention snapchat somewhere in here didn't I!? I do not currently have a public snapchat but I might create one in the future if any of you asked for it! I just love the whole idea of send an ugly snapchat to your closest friends (Love you Anna) and a cute one to that boy in your class! Just do not ever get them mixed around because I have been there and it was not a great experience!

My Instagram: @pxstelwishes

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  1. Loved this post Lauren! Please come and visit my blog too sweetie!