Saturday, 4 April 2015

Soap And Glory Brand Focus ~ Collab

So it is no secret that I love Soap and Glory! In fact I love it so much that me and Leah from @Pretty_perfectxoxo on Instagram decided to do an entire post dedicated to Soap And Glory!

We have not been sponsored to write this post at all by Soap And Glory in anyway at all.
So to start with the basics, Soap And Glory is a drugstore skincare brand which sells shower, body and skincare products sold in Boots And Superdrug. A few products they sell are things like Shower gels to creamy body butters which are perfect to fix dry skin!
They have many different scents but my favourite scent is probably Sugar Crush! It is such a lovely sweet citrus smelling bunch of goodness! I personally own the body wash, the body scrub and the body butter and it is by far my favourite scent especially during the summer! It is great as a pick me up or as a wake me up during the morning and it is a great kick-start to the day!
Another one of my favourites scents is the Clean On Me shower gel, I really can't describe this smell but on the bottle I can't find any ingredients which describe the smell either so I am sorry that I cannot describe the scent to you. I personally prefer this scent of a night time as it is a really nice calming smell!
My next favourite is a makeup item and it is the Thick And Fast and it pretty much does what it says on the tin! It both thickens and lengthens your lashes giving you a wider eyed makeup look!
My last favourite from Soap And Glory is the Hand Food hand cream. This is a freaking lifesaver! I think that you an find this hand cream in every bag I own! I am in love with this hand cream and it just does wonders! It also smells amazing and I think that you should go out right now and buy it because it is amazing!
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