Sunday, 24 January 2016

My Top Ten Favourite TV Shows

If you know me then you will realise that one of my favourite things to do is binge watch to shows until I am up to date! However whilst I have been watching these shows, I have come up with a list, that I think is long enough, to share with you all!
This list is in no particular order as I don't think I would be able to choose a favourite as I love them all! Hopefully this gives you an idea of a show that you could watch and get into and let me know if you watch or want to watch any of these shows down below!

1. Pretty Little Liars 
I feel as though I should start my list off with a very obvious show and it had to be Pretty Little Liars! I will not go into too much detail about the show as I already have a blog post uploaded dedicated completely to the show which you can read here.

2. The 100
This is a new favourite of mine and I have been hooked ever since the first episode! It is about 100 teenagers (prisoners) who have been sent to Earth in order to find out whether it is a safe planet to live on once again. However, the teenagers find out that Earth has changed in many ways and it soon becomes an action packed show! 

3. The Walking Dead
As you can tell by the title, this show is all about zombies and survival. Ever since the 'disease' had hit Earth, it has become extremely difficult to stay alive and live in a world over run by the walking dead. Once again this show is full of action and is definitely one to stay away from if you have a fear of blood!

4. Once Upon A Time
So, if you have never heard of this TV show then you will expect it to be full of happiness and fairytales, however you are far wrong. The story follows a girl called Emma who was abandoned as a baby, later to find out she is the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming. The show puts a twist on the fairy tale characters that you have grown up to love and have allowed the audience to see a different side to fairytales that we already know!

5. The Vampire Diaries 
As you can obviously tell by the title, this show is about vampires. It follows the life of a girl named Elena who gets caught up in a love triangle with the two vampire brothers, Stefan and Damon. (TEAM DAMON ALL THE WAY) Throughout the show, every character finds themselves in difficult situations and this is another show where a lot of blood is shown. Just to warn you!

6. The Originals 
This show is another new favourite of mine and it is actually a spin off of The Vampire Diaries! It follows the lives of the first vampires to ever live and is set in New Orleans. There are vampires, witches and werewolves in the show and a ton of action!

7. Grimm
So this show gets both good and bad reviews however, I personally love it! It is based on a man named Nick who is able to see the monsters that hide behind the faces of normal human beings. I realise that the show may come across a little fake to some but I thought that it was such a good show which I loved!

8. Sleepy Hollow 
This show was one that I haven't watched in quite a long time but I still enjoyed it. It is about a man names Ichabod Crane who is ressurected after 200 years. It is full of magic and mystery and is also full of action.

9. Supernatural 
Two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester  follow their fathers footsteps in hunting and killing supernatural creatures after their mother was an evil supernatural being when they were young.

10. Teen Wolf
I realise that I said that there was no particular order to this list of shows but I just had to save the best till last. Teen wolf is my all time favourite show! I just love the characters (Stiles Stilinski is my absolute favourite) and the story line! The show follows the life of Scott McCall after he gets bitten and turned into a werewolf.  There are so many mystical creatures in the show such as werewolf, a banshee, hunters and many other creatures created by the show!

What are your favourite shows?

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