Sunday, 22 March 2015

Instagram Q&A

So once again I have decided it is time for another Q&A! I love doing these because they are the kind of posts that let you know a bit more about me and you can read my views on other things that may not include as much beauty related themes!

@floral_chelsea_xx - What is your favourite makeup brand?
 I absolutely love Benefit and MAC but when it comes to drugstore Soap And Glory or Maybeline are my favourites!
@charfashionbeautyxo - One place in the world you would love to visit?
 I would love to go to the Maldives but in the future going on a safari in Africa is on my bucket list! 
@pxstel_dreams - Who is your idol?
 Its no surprise for my Idol to be Zoe Sugg she has gained so much confidence over her years on YouTube and I have subscribed for about two years now and I have never missed a video! I love her personality and how even though she suffers with anxiety and panic attacks she still manages to push through and give her all for her subscribers and followers.
@unic._.rns - What are your favourite colours in the naked 3 palette?
 I am a huge fan of the Naked 3 palette and I love all of the colours but if I had to choose my favourites I would probably choose Dust, Buzz, Trick and Liar.
@_avaaalon - What app do you use to edit your Instagram photos?
 I use one app for my Instagram photos and that is Whitagram. All I do is turn up the brightness twice and that's it!
@pastelbeautyieee - What made you want to start a themed Instagram?
 I had seen a ton of peoples Instagram accounts and they really inspired me! I wanted to try it myself and it started growing more than I thought! I am now on 2407 followers which is absolutely insane! I live talking to you all and meeting new friends! one friend especially, Anna (@_thewondersofme_ on Instagram) she is my best friend who I have never met! We snap chat each other pretty much every single day and I can count on her to cheer me up! She is actually away skiing right now and I am missing her so much! 
@xjuulbischofs - Favourite TV show?
 Pretty Little Liars or The Walking Dead, I know they couldn't be any more different but I love them both!
@pastelayesha - Favourite old TV show?
 Probably Hannah Montana if I'm honest! I just remember loving it and I literally broke down when it ended!
@_thewondersofme_ - what three products you would bring to a desert island?
 My Naked 3 palette, my Benefit Roller Lash and my Collection Lasting Perfection concealer!
@irene_nts - Favourite lipsticks?
 My MAC lipsticks in Lovelorn and Syrup are my all time favourites!
@lil.beccaa - If you had three wishes what would they be?
 My three wishes would probably be
-My whole family to be as happy as possible
-To have a happy and healthy future
-To travel the world

My Instagram: @pxstelwishes

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