Wednesday, 27 May 2015

My In-Flight Essentials.

So if you did not know, I have been on holiday to Portugal and even though its only a two hour flight, I wanted to tell you a few of my essentials I like to take on a plane!

Hand Sanitizer:
Hand sanitizer is an absolute must for me on planes, there are so many nasty germs and rather than having to disturb you neighbours you don't have to get up all of the time to go to the bathroom! Also its great for when you want to eat food on the plane as you don't have to worry about having dirty hands!

During flights your skin can become very dry and dehydrated due to the pressure so keeping it healthy is an absolute must! On a plane most of you will know that you can only take 100g or less so make sure you depot your moisturizer into a small tub which are available pretty much any where!

Face Wipes:
I am never the kind of person who uses face wipes on an everyday basis in fact, I barely use them at all. I find they really irritate and are quite rough on my skin, even if I go for the softer ones. However on a plane you do not want to be wearing any makeup so a quick and easy way to remove it is by using face wipes!

I realise you can't take drinks through security but you should be able to buy some afterwards. I find by having a drink of water helps my body to stay hydrated but it also makes me feel a lot more awake and just really refreshed. I prefer drinking just water on a plane rather than something like lemonade just because it helps me just feel a lot better!

A book:
I am currently reading Paper Towns by John Green and also The Glam Guide as a light read by Fleur De Force. I am absolutely loving both and everyone knows that flights are so boring and as something to entertain me a book is my best friend! I usually read a whole book whilst I'm on holiday so I make sure to bring a back up!

One of the most annoying things during a flight (excluding your seat being kicked) is having to listen to someone else's music or films so to prevent being that annoying people, bring headphones! Its so simple and can also block any other noise which may be around you such as other peoples music or babies crying!

My iPad or iPhone:
I love watching films on the plane and also listening to music as it makes the flight a little less boring! I usually take both and download a ton of games films and music to entertain me because there is no Wi-Fi, which really upsets me! Although make sure you remember to turn on Aeroplane mode before you start flying!

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream:
This cream is very popular in the world of YouTube and blogging and it is literally amazing! It can be used for both a lip balm or a hand cream and they are just so moisturizing and hydrating! My lips usually tend to get very dry and chapped and this cream just solves all of my problems and just make me feel so much better.

A Hair Brush/Ties/Bobby Pins:
There is probably nothing worse than getting off of a plane with your hair all over the place, tangled and just looking like a complete mess! I find by carrying these in my hand luggage is just so helpful and I have learnt from my mistakes from past trips so by carrying these just makes you look that bit more put together and more presentable.

Eye Mask/Ear Plugs:
My final essential is and eye mask as it just blocks out any light whatsoever and makes it so much easier to sleep. I also bring some ear plugs because they just block out any sound and they make it easier to sleep and relax as you can't hear the plane engines or parts. This is also great if you are a nervous flyer as it helps to relax you and feel a lot better!

So I hope that you enjoyed this post, I may not be able to post later on in the week as I may not have Wi-Fi but if I do I will make sure to upload!

~ Lauren xoxo

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