Monday, 25 May 2015

What Is In My Travel Makeup Bag?

So, I am going to Portugal soon for a holiday and I am super excited! I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to go through what is in my travel make bag. I have got a feeling this is going to be a long post like last time so make sure to grab a cup of tea and I will begin!

So when I am on holiday, I don't really like to bring a ton of makeup as I can weigh me down and I don't really need it all. I like to keep myself to a limit and take only my absolute essentials. As you will notice for eye shadow and for lipstick I tend to take more than one shades because it can get a little boring doing the same makeup routine everyday and I like to experiment with the items I have!
I am not including my brushes.


Primer ~ Primer is an absolute essential for me as I absolutely love the feeling or a super soft base to work with. I really enjoy using the Benefit 'Pore Fessional' as I creates a smooth base, reduces (some) discolouration and also makes my makeup stay on for longer, which on the nights out I need!

Concealer ~ As a base I only use concealer because I want to keep my skin looking as natural as possible and even though a BB cream is natural, prefer to use just concealer on top of my primer. The concealer I will be taking is very well known and it is the Collection 'Lasting Perfection Concealer' in the shade 1 Fair as it gives the most amazing coverage ever which will help if you have any nasty sunburn! A lot of people say don't use this under your eyes as it may cake but I use it anyway and I really like the results I get from it.

Powder ~ I need powder in my life, especially when I am on holiday where it is very hot! I like to use powder as is means my makeup is going to stay in place all night and even if I sweat (gross) it will not budge! I really like to use the Rimmel 'Clear Complexion Powder' in the shade 021 Transparent. I like this concealer as it does not add any different colours to my skin which may make my skin tone look uneven. It does not make my makeup cake like the Stay Matte but simply sets it in place, reducing shine.

Contour, Highlight And Blush ~ The trio I will be taking is my Sleek Face form palette in the shade '372 Fair'. I absolutely love this trio as it has the most gorgeous shades ever and they are all beautiful for summer time. The trio comes with everything you need and a decent sized mirror which is perfect for on the go makeup and for travelling, not to mention the colours are super pigmented!


Eye Shadow ~ I will be taking my two Colour Tattoos by Maybelline in the shades 'On And On Bronze' and 'Pink Gold'. They are both stunning, everyday wear colours which can look so nice on their own! These are so easy to apply and you do not need a brush although I will take one to make sure that the colours are fully blended out!

Brows ~ I am taking a matte eye shadow by No7 to fill in my brows but I unfortunately do not know the shade of it. By using this it gives a natural brow look but makes them look that little bit better. I also like to set my brows in place using a clear mascara but you can also use a brow gel but I find they work pretty much the same way.

Mascara ~ I will be taking just one mascara along with my eyelash curlers as I don't really want to carry more makeup items than I actually need. I am going to bring my Collection 'No Clumps' mascara as I find it is just amazing and it creates a really fluttery look which obviously has no clumps!


Lipstick ~ I will be taking two lipsticks and they are my MAC lipsticks in the shades, Flamingo and Chatterbox, I prefer flamingo for trips to the beach and chatterbox on the nights as it is a darker colour. I love both of these lipsticks and would recommend them to anyone and I will soon be doing a MAC lipstick collection in the next couple of weeks.

I hope you enjoyed this post, check back Friday for another holiday related post!

~ Lauren xoxo

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