Monday, 18 May 2015

My Morning Skincare Routine

So this is going to be my first post after getting back into blogging and I have decided to do a morning skincare routine! I am going to be uploading 5 skincare posts which will go up every Monday! I will not tell you what they will be but there are two more routines! But I can't wait to get back into this and make writing part of my day!


Step One - Wash Face

This is the most essential part to my day, cleansing my face as soon as I wake up really lifts my mood and makes me feel much more awake! In the mornings, particularly summer time, I like to go for a really energising and lifting facial wash and I tend to reach for the Clean And Clear Morning Energy Facial Wash. I think what I love most about this product is the scent, it is such a fresh and happy scent which just makes me feel really awakened! It also has tiny beads which add to the awakening effect as well!

Step Two - Tone

So I must admit I do not tone every single day as I often do forget but when I do I like to use the Simple Kind To Skin Pore Minimising Facial Toner (very long name) and I like to apply this using a cotton pad! This just really helps get rid of any pores or spots on my face more quickly than they naturally would! Toning I find, is very refreshing and I tend to do it on a weekend rather than a week day but it is one of my favourite steps in my routine as I love the feel of it and the outcome of my skin afterwards!

Step Three - Moisturise

So this is my final step in my routine, whether that is surprising or not I don't know, but I always love to finish my skincare with a moisturiser which really helps my skin and preps it for any makeup I will be wearing throughout the day! I personally like to use the Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit moisturiser as it smells heavenly! It also does wonders for my skin and leaves it feeling especially soft and super hydrated which are the two main things I look for in a moisturiser! I love the whole Pink Grapefruit range by Neutrogena as pink grapefruit is one of my favourite scents and I do actually own more products from that range!

So I really hope you enjoyed this post, make sure you comment you skincare essentials and hit that follow button because that would make my day!
~ Lauren Xo

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